Signing Off

Hey all, this title is not a bad news, instead it’s a great news for all of us, because now I will be full time blogger in So will see you there from now on and I want to thank all of you for your strong support on this blog. I received a lot of love and care and I am in NEED of the same forever. And yes, I would love to have your further comments and feedback(s) on this here. See you then…. love you. Cheers!

Sweet slice of a Happy Day

Good afternoon bright face! How are you? Today, I am posting some of my liked rooms & corners of my family friend’s home. I really like a home which speaks about who lives in it, their story, their likes, their special collectibles etc. And genuinely shows the way they manage their lives… naturally.

Continuing with the home tour of a wonderful, newly married couple. Guitar…. Which is dear to the gentleman, who always plays it like a Pro. And he always treasures it.



I am actually a big fan of ‘as pure as it looks’. No show off. And c’mon you know it, how clean they show rooms in magazines and websites. Which either can’t be kept the same way for more than an hour or if it can be then, I am sure that room is only for photo shoot.  Everyone can’t maintain it that way with a busy routine. I love the natural clutters; it makes me feel that yup someone lives there.



Actually the above pic is cropped, cuz I focused on the chair and the cabinet. That chair, I saw in the market didn’t attract me much there. But when I saw it in the use, in a home of a adorable couple, it’s looking stylo here right?? Nice finish and the legs of the chair is slanted giving a good firm stylish stand.

Color Combination


I liked this pic, the fabric finish is giving a snowy effect on it. And somehow you can figure out that pale yellow and soft pink works well for calm look and in a kid’s room too. Though I was a bit unhappy, cuz they were leaving Pune permanently and settling in Nagpur, but I was enjoying the very moment a lot. So, this is kind of collecting the memory of their sweet home.

Orange tiles


The nice centralized designer veranda tile is imitating the colors of plain ones and of course coincidentally the air cooler too. And the pebble design is chosen wisely, cuz on the other corner bamboo shoots are placed with pebbles underneath. I captured it below.



Being a Designer you need to play smart to make the focal point visible yet somehow related to its surrounding. And most of the time I sense a feel of storytelling. Though the couple has not opted for any Designer to take on their living space, but here the magic is simply present because they shopped the things they got attracted to. Though this scenario doesn’t happen with everyone….every time.



The moment I saw the bedroom, I felt the room girly, lovable and peaceful. The pink effect all around is simply due to pink curtain and wall. The bed furnishings were not having even a trace of pink shade. Well, most use bedroom more for their office work and reading space. But here the lady has made sure nobody will enter with any office related work. Hence, it seems actually like it sounds…. A bedroom :)



And she also loved wall stickers, so the final shot I made was with a selfie. Frankly speaking, I could have clicked more pics, but I was having total fun there, so I was kinda busy you know :). And hey how was your weekend? Share and tell.  See you soon till then take care.


Hey all happy Sunday!! After coming back from Kerala (where I learnt a lot regarding business & career in designing from my Uncle who is an Architect), I wanted to renew all the good times I had in Pune (now that I am back), hence after a long break I met my friends, my family friends… and roam a lot of places in Pune. I am taking my own good time to go easy up with clicks here.

Smokin' Joe's

I went to have pizza at Smokin’ Joe’s recently (above pic is taken at Smokin’ Joe’s, M.G Road, Pune), which for me is better than the rest. I met so many wonderful people who guided me and gave me lots of advice regarding my career….

Speaking about my career, I have never been stable (until 2011). Seriously … I have had experience into BPO, Sales & Marketing, Voice & Accent Training, Customer Executive, Administration etc. Bad part is of course instability but the good part is again I LEARNT A LOT. The time when I was searching for ‘where will my potential act at its peak?’… I was my own career counselor (which again is a job role in education industry ;)).


Then I found blogging and designing and decorating as a vital part of my life. I must say it’s simply not easy at all to discover yourself… your potential. Some are definitely by God’s grace have the ability to understand at a very early age what they are up to. And to tell you frankly, being on the contrast of it, I am deeply lucky to have the opportunity to figure out the same in a twisted way. So at the bottom of my heart I am thankful & grateful to have such a supportive & adorable parents, brother & sister-in-law and my life partner. They have given me all their hopes and patience and confidence, just to see me in a place, at a field where I am super happy & satisfied with my career.


On my way of leading my path towards being a successful entrepreneur, not even my family… my friends also taught me in their own ways how to tame, mold and make self better. And at the end of this post… I really want to thank you with all due respect. You are an amazing person who chose to be with me in my experiences & inspirations through my blog. A wonderful master you have all been & will always be, for me and hence I love you. God bless you and have a supreme life may you achieve all your career targets & have a bright future. And I will come back with more of my learning. Till then … spread love and joy….enjoy!!

Breaking the Graph

Howdy folks!  I know…I know its long time no see (since March). Well I have gained much knowledge in my field and after five months of R & D, much of the best experience & guidance is what I have achieved by not being in contact with my social crowd (which I missed alot). While discovering more facts about designing principles,  I felt, I need to push my potential to a next level. Hence, I will be coming here again & again with outer world ideas.  So that busy people i.e. YOU will be able to feel connected in a worldwide chain of art & creativity.

But right now, I will take you on a tour of my today’s detail catching fabrics…. M getting attentive… Really!!

 Threaded Love

It’s not that I haven’t done anything else apart from this… ;) But I loved it while capturing pictures. It really made me feel like a photo shoot session for my blog.

                              Mughal's Flower

About the fabrics…though I have shopped some from Bombay Dyeing but some of the local shops in Pune have really good looking patterns with great feel of fabrics. The bigger names in fabric industry  talk about their quality and long life. In terms of me, as far as it does not fall into clothing line, I am pretty happy with the patterns & feel.

 Fall Prints

Before the October Heat hits my cool thoughts, I am in a complete mood to collect inspirations around. And hence packed up with many plans. But I am anytime ready to hear your plan of creative actions. And who knows if we are gonna bump into the similar kind of happy scenario :). So… keep sharing and be happy.

Calm Eve

Oh yeah…. have a Happy Weekend!!

Envelope DIY

Happy Holi Sweethearts!! I know, you will trace the path with a zeal of learning something new and creative, because gifting seasons never ends right? I have shown DIY(s) most of the times, but hardly anyone can reach it….. So I am preparing for all of it, so that you can get a segregated section for everything I show in my blog; since I have so much creativity filled in me to share with you…. I know you too have got it :)

To start with, you just have to collect these materials:

  1. Gift wrapping paper or Decorative paper
  2. Plain colored paper or colorful craft paper
  3. Envelope templates (print, cut & use here:  printable envelope template)
  4. Pencil for tracing
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue

IMG_0597 IMG_0598 IMG_0599


With the help of template, trace out the boundary on decorative paper

IMG_0604Cut the decorative paper

IMG_0605Fold accordingly and paste it

IMG_0606Also cut a smaller portion of the given template (as shown in second photo from top), trace out the boundary on craft paper

IMG_0607Cut the colorful craft paper and fold accordingly, insert it in bigger envelope and paste on it


IMG_0610Tadaa!! It’s done… yesss done by you! You can reverse the papers e.g. you can take plain craft paper for envelope and decorative paper for internal good looks. Now you can make envelopes for greeting cards, marriage or birthday or baby shower invitation cards or just when you are free and feel like making some handmade envelopes.

IMG_0611 IMG_0612I will come up with more DIY(s) and ping you in You have got something to share too? Keep me posted, I will share it in the blog. God bless and may you enjoy all the festivals in the world happily with your near & dear ones.

walked Street full of Joy, Bagging Style!

Hey people! I am sure as of yet you have bagged in many interesting fun trips and experiences to share with in n number of ways. But in case of me, I bagged up a startup (well known) artist.

So here it goes…A while ago, I went to an event where I came across many startup stalls and I was passing on in a fast pace, don’t know why. But then something shiny (leather) caught my eyes. So I took five steps back and finally met One among the startups with a name  Mr.Sudhir Arora. I know, I know it sounds like meeting someone from the Bollywood industry (the name suggests so), but I guess since I know him not in that genre, so can’t say….. But the genre I saw him in, is not too far from that too. He has started up (in October 2011) with his interest  in handbags and accessories line, that are extremely stylish with fresh design, supreme quality and excellent finesse.

416823_272046132871649_964152863_n 421740_272045042871758_1215993307_n 423853_272045826205013_286996415_n

And right behind the display, got Sudhir’s smiling and welcoming gesture, and behind him I saw a BIG banner written

199_379102965499298_370129956_non it. When I asked more about it, Sudhir mentioned “JoyStreet started as a label with the mission statement

‘To spread joy with style'”.

393745_217686761640920_490226500_nThe entire collection is awesome….Isn’t it?

And what is different in it? “JoyStreet is a brand that is being run with a lot of heart. It is all about  joyous experience for everyone and we do this by creating original styles that are high fashion, the best workmanship in the industry, and more than anything by providing a very humble and professional service to our clients.”


So when I actually held the bag and felt the shiny, smooth leather. My brain was yelling out loud ‘WoW!! Such a superb workmanship’. Hence I could not resist and I purchased it… not then and there but in Yes Sir, they are all over the e-commerce retailing and are tied up with,,, and many more are in pipeline. So when I showed interest to have both of them (Sudhir & Joystreet) in my blog…. The rest is (not the history)… it’s present right here ;)

403543_401655379910723_1402862348_nI am pretty sure….you might have seen these, cuz it so popular right from Joystreet.

And while going through much more details about Joystreet, I got to know that “In the last one year of our operations, we have been frequently featured in various publications like Grazia, Times of India, I Diva, Time Out and mainstream news like DNA Vanity Fair to name a few” my eyes widened.


Then, “Online, we have appeared on bpbweekend, strut120 etc. And all of this completely through word of mouth publicity owing to our strong product and before-and-after sales service” after reading this I ran out of words and was completely awestruck. Because now I really felt as if I lost the chance of getting more in contact with such a personality who…… might have some connection with Bollywood.



Well people, I don’t know if you know about 6 degree separation, but to tell you frankly no matter who you are and with whom you are connected to (in terms of celebrities), your own potential and hard work with full dedication and passion, says a lot about you.


So I would highly recommend you to shop in Joystreet because “we got wide variety of handbags, wallets, clutch, sling bags, belts for Women which range between INR1500 to 8000. And in this year the label will include Menswear and Kidswear bags and accessories categories too, making it the ultimate fashion accessories brand for all”. In his own words and sweet smile.

482492_444599182283009_50830999_n 530957_444599155616345_609951782_nYou can contact Joystreet Team at:

40, Hari Market, Seagull Commercial Premises Cooperative Society Limited, 3rd Road, Plot20, Khar West, Mumbai- 400052

+91 90 04038563

+91 98 92096656

+91 22 26041915


Ohhh by the way I totally forgot to tell you, Joystreet Team are into customization, alongside their seasonal lines too!! Wanna see?



Meanwhile I will keep on passing my interest level to you. You… please please please enjoy and work on your passion and let people get the chance of saying “I know this person (Celebrity: You), we are very good friends’  ;)


Everybody… spread Joy with Style!! Have a great day…Adios!!

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Real Deep Dive Link

Hey all! It’s Friday and I know you all are very happy about the coming weekend. I am still planning what to enjoy doing more. Well in my case, I either apologize for not being regular in posting blogs or make promises for posting blogs regularly :)  But today I want to introduce an issue which you all are aware of, but just not stepping ahead.

It’s been more than 3 years, since I am here in Pune, but hardly in touch with real people out there. So I jumped into taking parts in events, where I can have the liberty to interact with interesting identities. One of the experiences that I am eager to share with you today is ‘Innovation Jam Pune’ (conducted once in a year). The session started from 1st to 3rd March ’13 at ThoughtWorks, Pune. I loved the ambience of the company, comfort & good care that they took of us (participants) and got to know many just after a sweet Hi!

The event’s motto was to let join bright minds together and build an innovative bizz plans. We were 35 in total (divided in team chosen by us) and given 48hrs. of time (for deriving a business startup from a given theme) to ignite the mental spark big time.                 Birender & Aditya (face of the comapany ThoughtWorks) were mentors and our mental fire extinguishers :) So we started discussing….

more discussion….more discussion…started to turn up towards giving a shape to mental capabilities…We had internal excitement, enjoyment, competition, exchange of mixed feelings etc.But all in all, more than the effort put on the innovational concepts, we experienced the sweet sense of togetherness.And on the third day, when final leaving is on the part of the chapter, saying “be in touch” are the words that expressed the feeling of never let go of such a nice company.Everybody is into socializing and it seems to be a never ending scenario. Through internet, your friend list is exceeding 200 but still it’s not enough for you. Don’t you think, it feels greater when you see & hear your friend’s laugh rather than liking on their smiling pretty face? I am attached to only 100 souls through internet, but deeply I feel void. I chat but can’t express feelings, I like but can’t sense it totally, I comment but it sounds to be unheard. Are you feeling the same?I suggested many to go out, get in touch with most of your city. But, I know what is holding you back viz. shyness, lack of time, you will say “I am an introvert…. doesn’t like to mix well with others” etc. etc.        Frankly speaking, first few seconds you are strangers but as soon as you say Hi or receive a Hello, you get sudden sense of knowing that person. So get out!! ;) And dive into the real world connection.


419717_289886994410859_504878908_nI would like to thank the far & friendly minds who started the whole concept of Global Service Jam (founded on 2010) Markus & Adam, the entire team of ThoughtWorks including Aditya & Birender, My team mates Suganth,Vivek & Santanu. Those names, I remember with whom I exchanged a short & sweet friendly gestures Shaifali, Pari, Nidhi, Khushbu, Dubinsky,  Mandeep, Pratik, Ashish, Ketan and those pretty unaware names whom I respect a lot for their participation. Most importantly, I would love to thank the site that brought me to have the best 3days time spent with the above, absolutely lovely personalities. Thank you all for reading this long & strong blog :)…. Once in a while I blog so I guess it’s worth the patience right ;) Would love to have your contribution for facing the live world. Till then Adios!!

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