Exploring the Furniture way!!

Hey Guys!! It’s been a very long time since I entered anything in my blog. Well, long story though…. Meanwhile I completed one more project (only furniture designs) of 2BHK flat in Bibwewadi. And right now I am enjoying the beauty of ‘God’s Own Country’ (Kerala). While getting soaked in the spirit of the designs present in the temples over here, I am enjoying the divine beauty of the sculptures. Mixing up most of the amazing views and putting into one complete section in terms of designing is what I am doing.

               After all there trans words, I would like you to explore the designs that I made for my previous site. I hope you will like it. So here it goes…..


 The bed of the master bedroom. Got inspired by flower petals.



Mirror Mirror on the wall….. Huge one!!



Not my fault…. They wanted it simple but curvy and also less experimental so… seriously this is not my fault at all. HAHAHAHA

Now coming to balcony which has been converted to a study room. Lets go for a ride of furniture design in this room.


 Ohh yeah!! Client’s daughter was pretty much interested to have ‘WindowS’ design on her book-shelf, though client wanted it to be way too boxy, but I know bringing a ‘SwastiK’ sign is a great idea…. by me!! So by clubbing up these two, you will get like the one above.


I hope you are getting the letters (shrink your vision), that’s the name of the person who is going to occupy the study set.

The other trip is of kid’s and grandparent’s room.



Now the living room and dining room is left, because the kitchen is already modified (modular kitchen).


Now the last concern is the apology from our team as we are showing 3D designs (majorly). But now I am ready to go for just furniture design (as per requirement) also.

 For a surprise I am into crafting too…. And I love doing it. This world of modifying the used material is amazing. So people who are interested to have the entire residential or commercial space to be designed or just the furniture design or to modify the used furniture can contact me at any instant.

To end this blog you can have the look of our traditional (Kerala) food. We will meet soon here. Cya guys take care.




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