Paper Flying

Hey All, I hope you all had a great time since my previous post. i know I must shorten the gaps that I put on. This time I really gave it a thought that if I can log in to Social Networks everyday, then why not showing up my creative thoughts in my blogs Right??

Fine, so I would like to declare at least to myself that I will show up the hidden beauties of this wonderful world ‘often’, so that even you can enjoy the feel of  ‘Being Alive’. But today I am representing some of my paper arts that I generally do to have fun. So check out these and do let me know if you too want the same in your place…. I would be delighted to do that for you!!



When effort for doing or creating something new all by yourself, you find many difficulties. But the determination to make everything right is the power that your art shows. I did not go to any class to learn this art. It just sprouted out in my mind & heart.


The zeal of making your way to do some task that you love, automatically sparks!!


The outburst of your hard work gives you a beautiful smile, with a punch of satisfaction that you finally did it all by yourself.


And everything  that you did with a kind heart and a helping hand, considering the benefit for everyone concerned is what makes you a  STAR!!

Keep doing what suits you the best, so that you can perform the best and be considered the best person for a particular job assigned to you. That makes you feel worthy to have such a miraculous birth. Enjoy your living  to the fullest and fulfill the dreams of the needier.  Make yourself special…. Make yourself a Star!

Thank you all. Adios!