A Sweet Start of Week

Hello Guys! As I promised, I am back with all new effort to make you somehow connected to what I saw and felt these days. To update you… my current project is going on with Kalpa Taru Estate, Pune.


In which, I got a cute 3BHK flat to design.


Now, I will tell you how to relate this scenario… Lets go in a mathematical way:

Lets, Kalpa Taru estate = Planet Earth

and, 3BHK = Self small world

if, I give this 3BHK flat a stunning design….. definitely, slowly & steadily the entire KP Estate will come to know about it and will give me more chance to bring out the best in me.

Henceforth, if you will make a wonderful effort in your small world, sooner or later the entire planet will crave for your ideology and then my adorable(s) you will be famous and you will be the most appreciative personality present in your field of interest.

                                                                        Hence Proved ;)


I got inspired by one program that was telecasted in MTV few months ago named ‘Sound Tripping’. I guess each one of us need such boost which suggests… No matter what you field of interest is, you must dump that small corner of your room and reach out for this immense world of knowledge and wisdom. You never know, what you are searching for… might be present in your detailed vision.



Keep searching and keep gaining that…. which matters to you and only you the most. All the best everyone and keep me posted about your search and your achievement. God bless you all.