Breaking the Graph

Howdy folks!  I know…I know its long time no see (since March). Well I have gained much knowledge in my field and after five months of R & D, much of the best experience & guidance is what I have achieved by not being in contact with my social crowd (which I missed alot). While discovering more facts about designing principles,  I felt, I need to push my potential to a next level. Hence, I will be coming here again & again with outer world ideas.  So that busy people i.e. YOU will be able to feel connected in a worldwide chain of art & creativity.

But right now, I will take you on a tour of my today’s detail catching fabrics…. M getting attentive… Really!!

 Threaded Love

It’s not that I haven’t done anything else apart from this… ;) But I loved it while capturing pictures. It really made me feel like a photo shoot session for my blog.

                              Mughal's Flower

About the fabrics…though I have shopped some from Bombay Dyeing but some of the local shops in Pune have really good looking patterns with great feel of fabrics. The bigger names in fabric industry  talk about their quality and long life. In terms of me, as far as it does not fall into clothing line, I am pretty happy with the patterns & feel.

 Fall Prints

Before the October Heat hits my cool thoughts, I am in a complete mood to collect inspirations around. And hence packed up with many plans. But I am anytime ready to hear your plan of creative actions. And who knows if we are gonna bump into the similar kind of happy scenario :). So… keep sharing and be happy.

Calm Eve

Oh yeah…. have a Happy Weekend!!


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