Hey all happy Sunday!! After coming back from Kerala (where I learnt a lot regarding business & career in designing from my Uncle who is an Architect), I wanted to renew all the good times I had in Pune (now that I am back), hence after a long break I met my friends, my family friends… and roam a lot of places in Pune. I am taking my own good time to go easy up with clicks here.

Smokin' Joe's

I went to have pizza at Smokin’ Joe’s recently (above pic is taken at Smokin’ Joe’s, M.G Road, Pune), which for me is better than the rest. I met so many wonderful people who guided me and gave me lots of advice regarding my career….

Speaking about my career, I have never been stable (until 2011). Seriously … I have had experience into BPO, Sales & Marketing, Voice & Accent Training, Customer Executive, Administration etc. Bad part is of course instability but the good part is again I LEARNT A LOT. The time when I was searching for ‘where will my potential act at its peak?’… I was my own career counselor (which again is a job role in education industry ;)).


Then I found blogging and designing and decorating as a vital part of my life. I must say it’s simply not easy at all to discover yourself… your potential. Some are definitely by God’s grace have the ability to understand at a very early age what they are up to. And to tell you frankly, being on the contrast of it, I am deeply lucky to have the opportunity to figure out the same in a twisted way. So at the bottom of my heart I am thankful & grateful to have such a supportive & adorable parents, brother & sister-in-law and my life partner. They have given me all their hopes and patience and confidence, just to see me in a place, at a field where I am super happy & satisfied with my career.


On my way of leading my path towards being a successful entrepreneur, not even my family… my friends also taught me in their own ways how to tame, mold and make self better. And at the end of this post… I really want to thank you with all due respect. You are an amazing person who chose to be with me in my experiences & inspirations through my blog. A wonderful master you have all been & will always be, for me and hence I love you. God bless you and have a supreme life may you achieve all your career targets & have a bright future. And I will come back with more of my learning. Till then … spread love and joy….enjoy!!


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