Sweet slice of a Happy Day

Good afternoon bright face! How are you? Today, I am posting some of my liked rooms & corners of my family friend’s home. I really like a home which speaks about who lives in it, their story, their likes, their special collectibles etc. And genuinely shows the way they manage their lives… naturally.

Continuing with the home tour of a wonderful, newly married couple. Guitar…. Which is dear to the gentleman, who always plays it like a Pro. And he always treasures it.



I am actually a big fan of ‘as pure as it looks’. No show off. And c’mon you know it, how clean they show rooms in magazines and websites. Which either can’t be kept the same way for more than an hour or if it can be then, I am sure that room is only for photo shoot.  Everyone can’t maintain it that way with a busy routine. I love the natural clutters; it makes me feel that yup someone lives there.



Actually the above pic is cropped, cuz I focused on the chair and the cabinet. That chair, I saw in the market didn’t attract me much there. But when I saw it in the use, in a home of a adorable couple, it’s looking stylo here right?? Nice finish and the legs of the chair is slanted giving a good firm stylish stand.

Color Combination


I liked this pic, the fabric finish is giving a snowy effect on it. And somehow you can figure out that pale yellow and soft pink works well for calm look and in a kid’s room too. Though I was a bit unhappy, cuz they were leaving Pune permanently and settling in Nagpur, but I was enjoying the very moment a lot. So, this is kind of collecting the memory of their sweet home.

Orange tiles


The nice centralized designer veranda tile is imitating the colors of plain ones and of course coincidentally the air cooler too. And the pebble design is chosen wisely, cuz on the other corner bamboo shoots are placed with pebbles underneath. I captured it below.



Being a Designer you need to play smart to make the focal point visible yet somehow related to its surrounding. And most of the time I sense a feel of storytelling. Though the couple has not opted for any Designer to take on their living space, but here the magic is simply present because they shopped the things they got attracted to. Though this scenario doesn’t happen with everyone….every time.



The moment I saw the bedroom, I felt the room girly, lovable and peaceful. The pink effect all around is simply due to pink curtain and wall. The bed furnishings were not having even a trace of pink shade. Well, most use bedroom more for their office work and reading space. But here the lady has made sure nobody will enter with any office related work. Hence, it seems actually like it sounds…. A bedroom :)



And she also loved wall stickers, so the final shot I made was with a selfie. Frankly speaking, I could have clicked more pics, but I was having total fun there, so I was kinda busy you know :). And hey how was your weekend? Share and tell.  See you soon till then take care.


Mad Hand

Hello everyone. Today my topic will wander around procrastination. You got it right, delaying your work by every means and in every possible way. Many think, people who are into business or are working with their passion, do not push their schedule for tomorrow. Well folks, this approximately is not the truth. I have seen my brother’s mind (bimchum.wordpress.com) taking rest, yawning sometimes and so is with my other few friends with their venture.

I would like to share something which is there deep in my mind. I really want to get out of the track, by blogging once in a month. Already, October is hitting the end. Now, I really need to focus upon building something new every other day.

Would like to see your Inbox filled up of my blogs hahahaha…… Well, so in coming few weeks I will be keep coming on your face to deliver the best out of the world. I have made something more from my mad hand…

Now this twine piece is what I loved and enjoyed making.  You will soon get to know the step+by+step methods of these DIY(s).  Thank fully my brother is there to teach me a section of his photography. Although the above picture is as genuine as me :)

While making this…. was a fun time. Felt like adding up something to the room, so that I can feel that, this is how I like to be: colorful, hanging in the air (in thoughts), a designer who fills the blank space in a light way with a art which is approachable by everyone.

But sometimes I feel like doing this (quill art) which is pretty much a patience builder. This applies to everyone, sometimes you feel like working very hard professionally, when you are high in energy level, irrespective of the consequences declared by your boss

But at the end no matter how hard or well or less or more have you worked….. for that particular moment, you feel satisfied with whatever you have done. And the feeling of pushing yourself out of your potential, is divine. Hmmm… some cute efforts are not bad at all though.

The variation of complexity of my work, itself tells the story. Sometime I want to feel relaxed and sometimes I am so pumped up.  Well, at the end I want to say, no matter how are you feeling right now,  YOU MUST REMAIN FOCUSED!! Okay?? Focused on the duty that is been assigned to you. Focused on the capability that is within you. And, kindly do understand, there is something which is been gifted to you by God, source of light, heaven, energy (howsoever you call HIM). You need to find that gift and utilize it in the best possible way. All the very best for searching that gift. And no matter if you are still searching it or already found one, keep me updated regarding the same. Because you know, I love to hear from you all.